Welcome to AMS 20 & 20A!  Please visit here as often as possible to check announcements and updates about the course information.



Tutoring sessions (with Maxwell Angel -- mdangel _at_ ucsc _dot_ edu) are now available.


1. Tuesday: 3:30 pm -- 4:30 pm

2. Thursday: 11:40 am -- 12:40 pm

3. Thursday: 3:30 pm -- 4:30 pm


 1. Jan 9, 2017

 2. Jan 10, 2017

    • Due to the strike activities, Today's office hour (Tue 1-2pm) led by Harleigh was cancelled. 

3. Jan 11, 2017

    • The schedule for quizzes has been updated. Please take a look at your schedules for upcoming quizzes. 

4. Jan 13, 2017

    • Homework 1 set has been announced and posted.

5. Jan 20, 2017

    • Homework 2 set has been announced and posted.
    • Quiz 1 will be given for students enrolled in the Friday lab sections.

6. Jan 23, 2017

    • Homework 1 grades are available at eCommons. The class average is 8/10.
    • You can get your homework 1 back during the lab sections, or come pick it up during TA's office hours.
    • Homework 1 solutions will be posted under the "Homework" tab on Tuesday, Jan 24, 2017. The solutions are made available by Harleigh, and include detailed steps that are self-explanatory. If you have further questions, please ask them during office hours, but please refrain from sending email questions to TAs.
    • Quiz 1 will be given on Monday lab sections with Harleigh. 
    • Under the "Class Material" tab, please check out the MATLAB sample code for directional fields.

7. Jan 24, 2017

    • Solutions to HW1 and Quiz 1 (both Friday and Monday sections) have been posted online under the "Class Materials" tab. 
    • Temporary Change in Harleigh's Office Hour Schedule this week:
      • Location: The AMS conference room BE 338
      • Date and Time: This Thursday (only) from 1->2pm

8. Jan 30, 2017

* Please check out the online lecture note on Section 2.7.

* The numerical examples using MATLAB will be covered in the lab sections with TAs. 

9. Jan 31, 2017

* HW2 solutions posted.

10. Feb 3, 2017

* Quiz2 solutions for Friday sections (with TA Youngjun) and DRC (with Prof. Dongwook Lee) have been posted. 

* Note that there are three versions of quizzes: each for Friday sections, Monday sections, and DRC. Please study them all when preparing your midterm exam.

* Please review topics up to 3.2 for the midterm exam (see more details on the exam topics under the Quizzes and Exams tab). The midterm exam will be on Feb 13, Monday, in class.

 * A set of sample midterm exam problems has been posted. Please make sure you study them.

11. Feb 6, 2017

* There was a question from many of you about Problem 12 in Section 2.8. After looking at the problem carefully, it turns out that the problem lacks one important condition, |y|<1. Without it, the Taylor series approximation (or Geometric series) of 1/(y-1) diverges and the problem becomes unsolvable. Even with the condition, the calculations (i.e., integrations) become very complex. In this regard, please don't worry too much about the problem and focus on studying more fundamental problems for the midterm exam.

* There will be no lab sessions in the week of the midterm exam. The lab sections will resume on Feb. 24th, Friday.

12. Feb 8, 2017

* The solutions of the sample midterm exam have been posted. 

 13. Feb 17, 2017

* Homework 4 has been posted. Quiz 4 (Feb 24, 2017) will be on Homework 4 problems.

* The midterm grades will be available early next week.

* Please check your scores of homework assignments and quizzes. If you see your grades are not correct, please let me know ASAP.

14. Feb 22, 2017

* The midterm grades have been posted online. 

15. Feb 27, 2017

* There was one homework submission without any name. If you did submit yours but no grade is found on eCommons, please let me know. Again, please check your grades so far and report if you have any incorrect scores.

 16. Mar 7, 2017 (IMPORTANT!)

* Lecture notes on Sections 7.1 and 7.3 are available on the class materials page. Study them, as well as Section 7.2 from the book. We will begin Section 7.4 on Wed (3/8/2017).

 17. Mar 10, 2017

* Quiz 6 is the last quiz this quarter. There will be no quiz anymore during the lab sections in Week 10. TAs will solve a sample final exam problems during the lab section.

 18. Mar 14, 2017 (VERY IMPORTANT)

* Two sample final exams are available. 

* Extra book problems in 7.6 and 7.7 are posted. They are NOT homework problems but are important for the final exam.

* Check out the 'Quizzes and Exams' site to see final exam topics. The final exam is cumulative up to 7.7.


Class Averages on Homework Assignments, Quizzes, Midterm and Final exams

Class Averages Homework Quiz Midterm Exam Final Exam
Set 1 8/10 7/10  78/100  76/100
Set 2 8/10 8/10    
Set 3 8/10 8/10    
Set 4 9/10 9/10    
Set 5 8/10  8/10     
Set 6 9/10 8/10     
Set 7 9/10      
Set 8 7/10